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Anti-aging massage with patented sound technology to target firmness for face, neck and decollete. Micro-lifting massages relax your features and target 15 signs of aging to lift off years from your face. This relaxing treatment experience soothes skin and boosts adsorption of your daily skincare products.

The Ultrasonic Anti-aging treatment targets and gently heats the deepest layer of the skin. The heat stimulates the skin's natural ability to create new collagen that with the time, helps to lift and tighten the skin to maintain a youthful look.


In order to optimize the penetration of the cyclical sound waves produced by the ultrasonic facial massager, a conductive water-soluble gel that contains skin-firming ingredients is used to perform this treatment. The gel contains 94 organic ingredients, is vegan, water soluble, fragrance-free and 100% free paraben, phthalates, sulfates and skin drying alcohols.

  • BENEFITS OF ULTRASONIC FACIAL TREATMENT: Stimulates Blood Circulation, Increases Cell Metabolism, Enhances Skincare Product Performance, Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, Reduces the appearance of congested eyes, Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production, Facilitates Hydration and plumps the skin.
  • CONTRAINDICATION TO TREATMENT: The Ultrasonic Facial is considered a safe and gentle skin rejuvenation treatment, however, Ultrasonic Treatment should be avoided if any the following conditions are present:

People with physical or mental limitations, those who have implanted or other electrical stimulatory devices such as pacemakers or any other implanted hearing aids, history of epilepsy, who are pregnant or have cancer should not undergo Ultrasonic Treatment.

RECOMMENDED: You may notice an immediate improvement in the tone and texture your skin following and Ultrasonic Treatment, however longer lasting results are cumulative and consistent with regular treatment. One your skin is rejuvenated and healthy looking, maintain your results with monthly Ultrasonic Treatments.

DURATION:  ​1h 30min - $120

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